High Performance Learning (HPL) is a mission-driven organisation, working with schools and teachers to change the face of education and deliver student high performance for the many - whatever their background - not the few. HPL is a global movement for change, for any school, any age, in any country. It operates in conjunction with any subject or curriculum.

We work with school leaders to transform the way their school works and with teachers to develop High Performance Learning approaches in the classroom, which ultimately uplifts learner performance. We work with both UK and international schools, state and independent sectors, and with multi-academy trusts. What our schools have in common is that they put teaching and learning at their heart and they are committed to moving beyond the 'bell curve' and accepting that everyone is a potential high performer and aiming for less is no longer acceptable. 

HPL helps these ambitious schools to adopt the HPL philosophy and become HPL World Class schools. It provides a flexible teaching and learning framework for systematically building the cognitive competencies that lead to academic and lifetime success. Each school is a unique context and so schools must customise the High Performance Learning framework (create their ‘unique choreography’, as one head teacher put it) and implement the principles of High Performance Learning throughout their school. In an HPL school, the philosophy and framework become part of a school’s DNA – an underpinning philosophy and common language for teaching and learning that drives the work of the school and brings coherence to the modern culture of targets, initiatives and programmes.

High Performance Learning is a proven, research-based, pedagogy-led approach, which relies on teachers and their professional capital to help self-improving schools make the gear change to become world class. Its impact on the school is dramatic and sustained.


The High Performance Learning basics

  • High performance is an attainable target for everyone. 
  • We can systematically teach students how to be ‘intelligent’ and how to succeed in school. 
  • The best schools produce students who are intellectually and socially confident, workplace- and life-ready, and with a global outlook and a concern for others. 
  • There are 20 generic characteristics students need to develop if they are to be high performers in cognitive domains (ACPs) and 10 values, attitudes and attributes (VAAs) that develop the wider learner dispositions needed for cognitive and lifetime success.  
  • Schools can become really strong only by fostering a professional community of practice among their educators – no quick-fix governance model, instructional technique or technology can substitute for this. 

Our philosophy

Our philosophy is not an innovation, it is a transformation and has the capacity to transform your educational outcomes. We help schools to adopt the High Performance Learning unique cognitive framework to underpin teaching and learning, along with the language for collaborating across a school, a group of schools or even to schools around the world for enhancing each other’s success. This is established through a structured programme of support and continuous coaching and development throughout your journey towards becoming an accredited World Class School. To achieve this, we offer a range of development programmes to enable schools from any starting point to progress to become part of this growing family of HPL accredited schools. 

Now that we know that far more students are capable of high performance this has become the new agenda for ambitious schools. By changing the beliefs about what students can achieve and by systematically building their cognitive competencies and values, we are significantly enhancing student outcomes, post-school destinations and their life-long love of learning. This engaging and challenging environment is stimulating for teachers, increasing their satisfaction as they begin to feel more confident and valued. 

Our schools can demonstrate that almost everyone, regardless of background or starting point is achieving higher academic standards. They have moved from some students learning at high levels to all students learning at high levels, with world-class teaching practice that utilises the latest research in pedagogical research, to become accredited as a World Class School. 

If you would like to explore High Performance Learning for your school, get in touch to discuss how we can help you.

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