Whilst our HPL services are aimed at schools, we truly believe that parents are their child’s first educator and an important partner during their child’s schooling. Indeed working with parents is one of our 7 Pillars. Parents make all the difference to their children’s success in education, and can be key supporters of schools embedding the principles of High Performance Learning.

hpl informationOn this page, we have assembled some resources that should be helpful for parents interested in the approach. Our book for parents: Great Minds and How to Grow Them is a practical guide to grow the minds of children and teenagers so as to guide them to success both at school and in life. Listen to the audiobook, excerpt here, and purchase from Google Play, Amazon Audible, and iTunes.

An engaging collaboration between a world-class academic and an award-winning journalist, this inspirational book includes chapters on:

icon 16x16 how to develop a good home learning environment
icon 16x16 how to make the most of school
icon 16x16 how to develop values, attitudes and attributes that are associated with success at school and in life
icon 16x16 how to develop thinking and learning skills in the three ages of learning
icon 16x16 how to tackle potentially tricky areas like homework and adolescence.

Buy from the publisher, Routledge. 

Downloadable Materials

HPL Routines at home
HPL 10 ways to keep motivated


Read the Guardian article 'How to bring out the genius in your child':
"What support do children need from teachers and parents to develop the cognitive skills, values, attitudes and attributes needed for lifetime ­success? Here are some ideas from Great Minds and How to Grow Them, based on Prof Deborah Eyre’s approach, to help your child become a high performer."  Read the article.


Read the School Run interview with Deborah Eyre on 'How to keep your child motivated to learn':
"There are many reasons why children’s motivation to learn can drop off as they progress through primary school and beyond. The good news is that there’s plenty we can do to encourage our children to stay motivated without having to nag them constantly or micromanage their schoolwork." Read the article.


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