Collaboration comes naturally to great leaders, and is core to the success of our FCG and of HPL itself. It also helps the HPL community immensely as we all try to be a force for good in redesigning education.

 Deborah Eyre, Founder and Chair at High Performance Learning talks about how the language you use in school really matters, and why ‘performance’ should replace ‘ability’.

Good teachers rarely teach the same thing in exactly the same way twice. Teachers are always ‘tinkering’ with their practice to try and improve it. The first time, or the first few times, is about planning carefully and seeing how the lesson works. It may go brilliantly, or it may have some good aspects, or it may not work well at all. All this means that the next time around there are likely to be some minor changes and over time the lesson (perhaps the topic or scheme of work) is refined so it works better. This is a natural process in good teaching - no one wants to repeat lessons or topics that didn’t work well or that students found unexpectedly hard to understand. My own experience of doing this was part of the spark for what I call ‘Structured Tinkering’.  

With 27 nominations across 29 categories, High Performance Learning Schools and teachers are being recognised in the prestigious Top School Awards.

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