icon 16x16 High performance is an attainable target for everyone. #everyonecan
icon 16x16 We can systematically teach students how to be ‘intelligent’ and how to succeed in school and life.
icon 16x16 We need to develop, methodically, the cognitive competencies associated with cognitive success and make them the DNA of our teaching.
icon 16x16 There are 30 generic competencies students need to develop and these can be grouped into 8 sets across 5 levels from novice to expert. The more competent students are in each of these the better they will do.
icon 16x16 Although these are generic competencies they are best developed through subjects.
icon 16x16 This is a teacher agenda. It happens in the classroom in the hands of a skilled teacher. It is not a one-size-fits-all ‘programme’ to be followed.
icon 16x16 Hence schools need to foster a professional community of practice among their educators – no quick-fix, governance model, instructional technique or technology can substitute for this.

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