However, in surveys and research, we have found some compelling evidence that after just two years, the impact of HPL is very significant. 

Some of the most interesting statistics we have found so far:  

  • 67% of HPL schools achieved their best results in their own recent histories. 
  • 89% of teachers felt that HPL had a positive or no effect on their workload.
  • 95% of teaching staff reported their students had become more confident and engaged in their learning. 

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Student Outcomes

In 2019, we saw improvements in student outcomes as 67% of HPL schools achieved the best results, across all levels of examination, in their most recent history.

We also found that GCSE/iGCSE results reported by HPL schools increased, on average, by 9% during the 2-year award scheme.


Student well-being

We asked 200 teachers about their student's perceptions and well-being. 93% of teaching staff believed that HPL had improved student well-being and self-esteem. We also found that 95% of teaching staff report that students have become more confident and engaged in their learning.

We surveyed students too, and we found that HPL is changing their perceptions of themselves. After 2 years, 9% more students believe they are capable of high performance in an HPL school than a non-HPL school.

HPL is creating a more optimistic culture in schools as 17% more students believe that everyone is capable of high performance after 2 years compared with non-HPL schools.


Staff well-being

68% of staff said that HPL had had a positive effect on how much they enjoy teaching, the remainder says it has not affected them at all.

We also found that staff turnover decreased, on average, by 23% in HPL Schools.

Our schools are spending less on staff cover with one confidentially reporting they spent 37% less on supply teachers compared with before they joined HPL.

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Staff Workload

We found that 65% of teachers feel that HPL has not affected their workload, with 23.9% of staff reporting a positive effect.

We also discovered that 62.2% of staff would actively seek to work in an HPL school if they moved.

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Parental Involvement

Parents and are key players in supporting young people to become high performers academically and in later life. After implementing HPL, 72% of teachers now think more about how best to involve parents/carers in their child's learning.

We asked teachers about parental involvement, and we found they thought 37% more parents are involved in their child's learning and skill development in an HPL school compared to a non-HPL school.

Learn more about the benefits of HPL

You can discover more about the impact HPL is having in schools by; reading case studies focusing on how we have supported different schools on their journeys of continuous improvement, reading testimonials from senior leaders and discovering some more about the benefits of High Performance Learning. 



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HPL helps schools make the gear change in their organisations to become world-class, bring coherence to disparate initiatives and achieve better outcomes for students. Read what some senior leaders, who have adopted the HPL framework, say. 



Case Study

Case Study

'HPL in action' is a series of case studies looking at the implementation and impact of High Performance Learning across different schools. Read case studies from Mounts Bay Academy (UK), Jumeirah College (Dubai), and Jack Hunt School (UK).




 Data sources

Data was compiled on 03/12/19 from 600 teaching staff in schools before they joined HPL and 200 teaching staff in schools after their 2-year Award Scheme. Data was also compiled from 4000 students before they joined HPL and 1700 students after the school joined HPL.  The survey came from HPL and was anonymous. Result data was collated from published results.


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