What people say about HPL:

This year [2019] Pate's students achieved the best A level results in the history of the school and our achievement at GCSE was also the highest for a number of years. Our journey with HPL has supported staff and students alike to really believe that all pupils can achieve. The careful development of HPL skills, attributes and behaviours resulted in happy students, better placed than ever before to succeed and achieve.

Russel Ellicott, Former Head, Pate's Grammar School

As the first accredited HPL school, we are now looking back at the best public examination results ever achieved at the College for the third year running, not to mention the immensely positive impact on the culture of the school, the relationships among and between students, staff and parents. Now that the intrinsic features of the philosophy have pervaded all areas of the school, we are confident that generations of Doha College students will benefit in the years to come.

Dr Steffen Sommer, Principal, Doha College.

High Performance Learning offers schools a vision that is inclusive, embracive and ambitious. It includes all learners, it embraces a broad paradigm of education and it represents an ambitious, improvement-focused framework for superb schools. Taking together, High Performance Learning is what outstanding schools are all about.

Simon O’Grady, Former Principal, British International School, Cairo

HPL jumpstarted my development as a leader, both in the classroom and outside of it; acquiring valuable skills (e.g. independent thinking and the ability to synthesize, apply and challenge knowledge) helped me gain the confidence I needed to succeed, as well as providing me with the necessary tools to achieve my goals. I truly believe that High Performance Learning is key to creating smart, successful and driven students.

Linda, Student

Thinking about the ACPs I want to address in a lesson has reinvigorated my teaching in every aspect, while at the same time deepening my students’ understanding of the most complex areas in Science.

Simon Porter, Science Teacher

There is no doubt that making the ACPs explicit empowered students and transformed the way students approach literary analysis. Teachers planned for opportunities to explore the connotations of and the skills associated with advanced cognitive performance, and, in doing so, students felt supported and motivated by their quest for an enriched appreciation of literature.

Clare Leech, English Teacher
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