Introducing High Performance Learning

• High Performance Learning is an innovative style of cognition-based education that operates as an eco-system within the school

• It uses a unique teaching and learning framework to establish an ambitious school culture and achieve exceptional student outcomes

• It provides long-term strategic direction for teaching and learning in schools, which reflects the school’s own context and culture whilst making the most of contemporary thinking in learning and teaching

• HPL does not require the school to reject its current way of working but rather HPL provides a vehicle to strengthen and enhance it

We passionately believe that every single child can achieve academic success and live a life full of opportunity and fulfilment regardless of their starting point. Learning is a science and following many years of research into how people think and learn, we now know that what was always perceived as impossible is now possible: there are no restrictions on learning.

So, by removing the barriers to achievement, we are reimagining education for a new world with our rigorous, systematic and holistic approach to teaching and learning – a unique evidence-based philosophy and framework that empowers every child. And when ambitious school leaders work with us to harness our philosophy of empowerment – driven by what we know about how children learn – they create world-class schools and equip each child with advanced cognitive skills and the essential values, attitudes, and attributes that they will need for lifelong success.



If you would like to explore High Performance Learning for your school, Contact us to discuss how we can help you.

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