Education being about self-discovery and learning for life, Steffen has always known about the virtues of positive psychology.  Intrigued by how the most able students learn, Steffen developed, throughout his career, a deep interest in Professor Deborah Eyre’s research. 

When High Performance Learning: How to become a world class school was first published, he recognised that Professor Eyre had found a way of systemising High Performance Learning for schools.  Without changing what we teach, we adapted how we went about it focusing on what we now knew let to a high performance.  Teaching being a caring profession, the aim of all students performing at the highest level was a quick sell amongst his staff.  Now that they have been on the HPL journey for three years, no-one wants to look back, least of all his students, who have had three years of the best examination results ever achieved at his college, let alone the cohesion and positive mindset HPL has brought to the entire school community.


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