At the very heart of HPL are the Advanced Cognitive Performance Characteristics (ACPs) and the Values, Attributes and Attitudes which shape teaching and learning in the school. These are the competencies students need to master overtime in order to attain highly. Research demonstrates that high attainers use these behaviours routinely in their work. It is how they attain highly. The ACPs and VAAs are developed as part of normal lessons because students need frequent and regular practice in order to master them. The more practice they get the better they will do. Teachers are deliberate and systematic in creating opportunities in their teaching to develop them and this in term refocuses teaching to foreground them. Teachers tell us that working this way makes teaching more positive and rewarding. 70% of teachers report that that HPL has had a positive effect on how much they enjoy teaching. (Source HPL Impact Report 2019).

There are 30 generic Success Competencies students need to develop and these can be grouped into 8 sets and across 5 levels from novice to expert.


HPL ACP logical and Critical Thinking Progression Grid


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