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High Performance Learning is suitable for any age, in any country, offering any curriculum. Our schools vary by size, location, and context, but are united by a common belief that high performance should be a reality for the many and not the few. No matter what their starting point, all of them are looking to demonstrate their ability to provide an exceptional level of education for their students, using the HPL philosophy and framework to enable them to reach high levels of academic performance. There are various ways in which schools can work with us - the HPL Programmes section provides more information

UK Maintained Schools

icon 16x16 Albany Academy, Chorley

icon 16x16 Alder Tree Primary, Leeds, Yorks

icon 16x16 Broadlands Academy, Bristol

icon 16x16 Calday Grange Grammar school, Birkenhead

icon 16x16 Caroline Chisholm School, Northampton

icon 16x16 Castle Hill Primary School, Basingstoke, Chorley

icon 16x16 Chorley New Road Primary Academy

icon 16x16 Colton Hills Community School, Wolverhampton

icon 16x16 Holy Trinity Academy, Telford

icon 16x16 King Edward VI Handsworth Wood Girls Academy, Birmingham

icon 16x16 Leeds City Academy, Yorks

icon 16x16 Leeds East Academy, Yorks

icon 16x16 Leeds West Academy, Yorks

icon 16x16 Maplesden Noakes School, Kent

icon 16x16 Mounts Bay Academy, Cornwall

icon 16x16 Park Hill Junior School, Essex

icon 16x16 Pates Grammar School, Cheltenham

icon 16x16 Ravensthorpe Primary School, Peterborough

icon 16x16 Sacred Heart High School, London

icon 16x16 Sir William Borlase Grammar School, Marlow, Bucks

icon 16x16 Stroud High School, Gloucs 

icon 16x16 Sydenham School, London

icon 16x16 Unity City Academy, Middlesborough

icon 16x16 West Kirby Grammar School, Birkenhead

icon 16x16 Westbourne Primary School, London


If you would like to explore High Performance Learning for your school, Contact us to discuss how we can help you.

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